The birth of this DVD came about for several reasons. Firstly, not everyone who is interested is able to attend my courses in person. Perhaps they live far away or simply can't spare the time to attend classes. Secondly, I've been trying to reduce the amount of time I spend travelling. Yet the number of invitations I receive on a regular basis indicate that there is still great and growing interest in the techniques, theories and philosophy I have been demonstrating and discussing for many years.

I am firmly convinced that a woman's body is by nature created perfectly to give birth. With the help of deep breathing, bodywork and vertical birth postures, women are able to use their innate abilities safely. I believe that we can motivate women to give birth independently.

By documenting my work in this condensed form, many will be able to benefit from the

material covered in antenatal classes, midwifery workshops and seminars even if they are unable to attend such forums in person.

This DVD can also be a useful supplement for those with whom I have had the pleasure to work in the past and who are keen to keep the material alive in their minds. Due to time constraints during courses, some Homeics can be discussed only briefly. Here they are covered in more detail so viewers can deepen and intensify their understanding.

I am confident that you will be able to use this DVD in a wide variety of ways in the course of your everyday practice. I hope it can also be a source of inspiration and guidance. Enjoy!

Yours, Hanna Fischer