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Giving Birth the Natural Way - My online-instructions or DVD for you!

See how you can gain from more than 40 years of Hanna Fischer's professional experience!

Chapter I: Introduction

* Hanna Fischer´s professional background (video clip 01)
* Nature's gift to women

Chapter II: Course Structure

* The importance of women-only antenatal instruction
* How men can deepen their understanding and cope better with childbirth

Chapter III: Breathing & Bodywork

* How breathing techniques make a women feel secure (video clip 02)
* Feldenkrais exercises
- while lying down
- while upright
* Meditation exercises concentrating on the pelvic floor and birth canal
* Breathing exercises and bodywork for labour

Chapter IV: The Birth

* Analogies between competitive sports and advanced labour
* Childbirth likened to mountain climbing

Chapter V: Birthing Postures

* Exercises for the first stage of labour with partner, Multitrac and birthing ball
* Exercises for the late first stage of labour with partner and rope
* Facilitating the baby's turning inside the pelvis
* Incorrect pushing (video clip 03)
* Correct pushing
* Exercises for late first stage of labour and pushing
* Bonding and the kneeling position

Chapter VI: Philosophy

* The deeper meaning behind labour pain. Why the extreme experience of natural childbirth can be so formative.